Waterproof Cast Cover’s and protectors

So what is a waterproof cast cover?

Usually it is a rubber tube that is sealed around the back of your arm or leg and protects it entirely, the extremity near its opening is then tightly sealed to your arm or leg cast to prevent any water from entering and touching it.

What separates a waterproof cast cover or protector from the different available options?

The greatest difference is that often a cover is added around the cast to actually make it waterproof, the actual cast inside may or may not be waterproof ( probably not unless you specifically asked your doctor, they also are more expensive). Some are sealed with high pressure which can end up leading to leakage if the waterproof cast cover eventually stretches out from having to get over a rather large cast. This may be less of a problem over smaller wounds rather than casts. The kind that seems to work best are those that create a vacuum by pumping air out of the waterproof cast cover once it was on the arm or leg cast.

Most of the waterproof casts you’ll find in stores or online at Amazon are made in selected dimensions which will work for most general cast sizes. If after looking at the dimensions ( and before you actually buy the cover!!) it does not seem like it will fit, their are some companies that will make you a custom made cover. This will  reduce the possibility that the waterproof cast cover will be too long or short which would make it uncomfortable or simply not do its job correctly. It’s important that it fits securely around the width of the arm or leg where it has to be sealed.

His doctor had also never heard or seen a waterproof cast so he asked to see it to make sure it would be alright. After we purchased it, he brought it into his office to make sure it was all right to use. I would suggest that you also double check to make sure your not allergic to any of the material, such as latex.

We ended up using the Xerosox Cast Cover which did its job great. You can find it and many other good alternatives on Amazon. Make sure to not overpump the unit or it may become painful. Take out just enough air to create the vacuum seal.

Waterproof Cast cover

Again, with anything dealing with your health, make sure your doctor approves of your plan before you attempt to do it.

Some wounds may be too big that trying to put this over could reopen the wound with the pressure.

The most important thing when looking for a waterproof cast cover or protector, choose one that you can be confident will not leak, and will be comfortable to wear.

Make sure that the user is not allergic to any of the materials in the cast, especially the latex that often is used for the waterproof cast cover.

There are many companies selling waterproof cast’s at varying price ranges between $15 to $40+. You can find most of these online at amazon or doing a quick Google search.

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