Waterproof casts for broken bones

If you want your cast to be waterproof the best thing to do is ask your doctor if he offers the option. Many places will simply not make a waterproof cast.
These cast’s are usually made with fiberoptic and for certain people or injuries they are not ideal.

waterproof castsIf you’re looking for waterproof casts for broken bones than you should know that initially you will need the outer shell of the cast to be made of fiberglass which makes your cast light and strong but it will need a waterproof cast liner to really be waterproof. The benefit of course is that you will not need any sort of waterproof cast cover to go swim or take a shower. Do not forget that the actual cast (underneath the liner) is not waterproof, make sure it’s always protected. The fiberglass if wet can take a long time to dry up which is of course a very bad idea for the skin under it!

Some precautions to keep in mind when using a waterproof cast. Most likely your doctor or physician will notify you of these which might be different for your specific cast but keep in mind the following.

  • Your cast might take a while to dry after being in the water and should not take more than 3 hours. If it stays humid longer then you might want to avoid getting it wet and possibly contacting your doctor.
  • If you experience skin irritation or pain you should stop getting it wet.
  • You can use a blow dryer to help drying your waterproof cast but do not use “hot” air, try to use a “cool” setting. your goal is not to heat up your cast but simply to dry it up.
  • Do not be shy to contact your doctor or physician if you experience any sort of discomfort such as a bad odor, the cast cracking, the cast does not dry, the cast became too tight

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  1. You have a typographical error in your second paragraph. Sentence should read: “If you’re looking for waterproof casts . . . “.

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